Governing Body

Priory Governor Interests 2016

Introducing Priory Local Governing Board

With the change of status of Priory School to become an academy as part of the Bohunt Educational Trust, the role of school governors has changed quite a bit. Much of the policy making for the school, the appointment of the head teacher, and financial oversight, is now the responsibility of the Trust Board, and the local governing boards work in partnership with the Trust Board.

However as the Priory Local Governing Board (as we’re now called) we have considerable responsibility still for providing oversight of the School Improvement Plan, and the Headteacher provides regular reports to Governors to demonstrate progress and highlight challenges.

As governors we have been particularly keen to encourage more communication and engagement with parents, and for the school to seek regular feedback from staff, parents and students about their experiences of school life. Our new Headteacher, Stewart Vaughan, has been actively building on previous work in the school to develop this, and we want to see this continue.

At the beginning of this academic year, we decided to have a reduced number of governors and to have what’s called a ‘single tier’ structure. So we no longer have governor sub-committees. Instead we all meet three times a term and consider all the agenda items together. Each governor now has a Link Role which connects with an aspect of the School Improvement Plan – this means that as governors we can be better equipped to hold the school and the Headteacher accountable for the School Improvement Plan, and to contribute our views to the Trust Board.

Current Priory Governors are:

Carolyn Barber (Chair)

Stephen Morgan (Vice-Chair)

Ray Morton (Chair of BET Board)

Stewart Vaughan (Head of Priory)

Neil Strowger (Chief Executive, BET)

Adey Adeneye

Leonie Banham

Jennifer Collighan

Mick Wade

Ruth Nabholz-Duncan

Pippa Saunders

Richard Mason (staff)

Susan Thomas (staff)


Our Clerk to Governors is Andrew McVittie, and if you’d like to contact governors please email

In future editions of Priory Post, I plan to cover a couple of issues considered by the Priory Local Governing Board in recent months.

Carolyn Barber

Chair, Priory Local Governing Board