School Uniform 2013-2014

Listed below are the school uniform requirements at the time of publication. However, please bear in mind that they may change from time to time according to need.

Permitted dress

Black trousers or skirt – trousers must be school style, smart & tailored.  Please note that trousers must not have tight legs that cling to the skin. No jean material permitted. Skirts must be on the knee.

Blazers – Compulsory for year 7 – 10 2013-2014.  Optional for Year 11.

Shirt – White with a collar to enable a clip on tie to be attached.

Jumpers/ Cardigans – black.  V Necked to enable tie to show.

Tie – compulsory for years 7 – 11.  Colours are –

Year 7 green stripe, Year 8 red stripe, Year 9 grey stripe, Year 10 blue stripe, Year 11 gold stripe.

Senior pupils will wear a pale blue shirt and a dark blue tie.

Navy or black coat with no obvious logo or slogan.

Black shoes –  Can be trainer style but must be completely black in colour.  No obvious logo or slogan.

We do not permit facial piercing, inappropriate make-up, acrylic nails,  nail varnish, large items of jewellery. Ear piercings should be small studs only.We do not permit coloured braiding through hair.  Where pupils come to school with braids, these must be a natural hair colour, such as brown or black.  We will not permit pink, blue or other unnaturally coloured hair braids in Priory School.