Priory Focus

At Priory School we aim to inspire our pupils; help them become emotionally and socially mature; focus relentlessly on their progress; teach them to be truly independent and actively engaged in the life of the school and their world. At the heart of this is our drive to achieve the United Nations Rights Respecting School Award. We are teaching our pupils to respect their own rights and strive to uphold the rights of others with as much passion as they do their own.  We teach pupils to behave well and learn effectively, allowing others to do the same.  We believe that alongside the subject curriculum we must teach our pupils social skills, such as listening to, and cooperating with others. Our pupils are taught that they are global citizens. This means that they recognise their own place within the community and the world around them. They are taught to take responsibility to engage with moral and social issues as they arise.  At Priory School we aim to teach pupils exactly how the world ‘works’.

We aim for our pupils to leave us:

  • empowered to make decisions;
  • prepared to engage in debate;
  • able to question representations and stereotypes;
  • confident enough to take action;
  • interested in recycling and repairing our planet;
  • able to celebrate difference but recognise similarities;
  • prepared to tackle injustice and abuse;
  • able to think critically;
  • able to see that the future is not pre-determined by the past.

As a Sports College in an Olympic Year we are focussed on upholding the Olympic and Paralympic Values of Respect, Fair Play, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality. We provide a very wide range of sporting opportunity and sport provides the focus for our outstanding Leadership Programme, through which our pupils learn to become leaders through sport.In a Rights Respecting School, young people want to take action to work for fairness for all.  Through learning about rights and responsibilities, pupils understand that any change requires commitment and that they need to work together to obtain equality for all.

Priory has been oversubscribed for many years. Last year we received 615 applications for 250 places. The admissions authority for the school is Portsmouth City Council and we have adopted their admissions policy. Details can be found in the ‘Important Information’ section at the end.

Priory was judged ‘Good with outstanding features’ in our last OFSTED inspection. You can read the full report on the OFSTED website or through the school website.

This year Priory School pupils achieved their best ever GCSE results with 51% of them gaining 5 or more GCSEs at grade C and above including English and Maths.  This represents a huge improvement of 13% compared to last year with many pupils achieving multiple A* and A grades. Additionally 70% of the pupils achieved 5 or more GCSEs at C grade and above.

James Humphries, Headteacher, said “These results are our best ever and I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by our pupils and staff.”

The school is fully staffed and all teachers are fully qualified in their specialist areas. Recruitment to vacant posts over the last two years has been very strong and the school attracts high numbers of very talented applicants for every full-time post advertised. Amongst our teaching team we are proud to highlight an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) in Science who leads professional development both within and beyond the school. The Geography department has been awarded the Microsoft Teachers’ Award and National Teachers’ Award for their innovative work which has also won them Geography Association Centre of Excellence mark. Our staff provide many opportunities for enrichment including excellent PE and Sport provision, concerts and an inspiring annual Art show. We pride ourselves on our inclusive approach and the staff team includes a school Educational Psychologist, intervention specialists in Emotional Literacy, Dyslexia, English and Mathematics as well as an English as an Additional Language (EAL) Co-ordinator. Our team of support staff enables our teachers to focus on planning and teaching inspiring lessons. Each Year Group has a non-teaching Pupil Support Worker to intervene where pupils need guidance and support. Our office staff cover all the administrative work of the school and our premises staff keep the site safe, clean and functioning well.

Priory School is particularly proud of its sporting reputation.  The school has been the hub site of the Portsmouth School Sports Partnership for the past 10 years and remains central to the organisation of school sports within the city of Portsmouth.  Priory School sports department consists of thirteen staff as well as numerous other staff from other departments who ensure that all pupils’ sporting needs are catered for, both within and outside the PE curriculum.  On a competitive level Priory School has been extremely successful in a wide variety of sport, especially within the school partnership.

With all the recent changes to the funding of school sport, Priory School has maintained its status as a leading sporting establishment and continues to strive in offering its pupils and the surrounding community the best in sports provision and education.