Medical Information

Year 8 Girls receiving HPV Vaccination information

Managing Medical Conditions

Pupils with extra medical needs at school may require a care plan. This ensures we are able to meet the medical needs of individual pupils and take appropriate action should an emergency occur. Please contact us by email (insert link) or telephone if you wish to talk to us regarding your son/daughters medical condition.  Conditions that might require a care plan include Allergies, Epi-Pen, Diabetes, Asthma and Epilepsy. This list is not exhaustive so if you have concerns or are not sure please contact us to discuss.  Care plans are developed in collaboration with us and the NHS School Nursing Service Health Care Professionals, or other appropriate school staff such as the school SENCO.


It is school policy to only administer prescribed medicines (e.g. antibiotics) if it is essential that they are given during the school day, with the exception of Paracetamol /Calpol for occasional use only providing we have parental consent. This would have been given by filling in the consent form when your child started at Priory school.  However we do always ring if you child requires paracetamol before 12pm to check that they have not already had any medication that morning.  A note will be sent home with your child to tell you they have had medication, what they have had and the time recorded for your information.

Prescribed Medication in school

If your child requires prescription medication during the day they should bring it to the medical room with an accompanying note.  A separate consent form will also need to be completed (Down load link). This can be can be downloaded, collected from reception or a form will be sent home that day. We ask that it be completed and brought in with the medication the next day.

Prescribed medication will be kept in the medical room. This must be in the original box/packaging as dispensed from the chemist, it must have the label with their name; dose/administration of medication must be clearly visible.


Students are not allowed to carry medication around the school site with them, with exception of emergency medication such as Inhalers and Epi-Pens, for these pupils we ask parent/carers to provide the medical room with a spare Epi-Pen or Inhaler. It is Parents/Carers responsibility to make sure these or any medications are in date


At Priory school we hold an asthma register. We ask that Parents/Carer fill in an Asthma card. We also ask that a spare inhaler be sent in to be stored in the medical room for your child in case theirs runs out or they forget to bring it with them

We also give you the opportunity to put your Child on our register for an Emergency Generic Inhaler.  If your child forgets his/her inhaler, or theirs runs out and we are not holding one for them in in the medical room at that time.  We can in an emergency  Issue them a brand new inhaler. This is a valuable service and could be a life saver for your child in the event of an Asthma Attack. All pupils who we are made aware of as Asthmatic will have these forms sent home and we hope you will take up the offer of this service. We would appreciate prompt return of any medical forms sent home.

Becoming Unwell at School

If your child becomes unwell in school the Teacher will send them to the Medical room where they will be assessed. In an emergency or they are considered not well enough to attend the medical room, staff from the medical room will attend in person, assess the needs and take appropriate action.

If it is deemed the Pupil is not well enough to stay in school during the school day the medical room will call the Parent /Carer nominated on call list to inform them that the Pupil needs to go home.

The school would prefer that you pick up your child in person. If this is not possible and you give permission for your child to go home on their own they will become your responsibility on leaving the school premises.