Important Information

If your child is sick or unwell during the school day, their teacher will send them to the school nurse who will provide any treatment required. If it is decided that your child needs to go home you will be contacted directly and your child will not be signed out until we have made specific arrangements with you.

Priory aims to ensure that pupils eat and drink healthily and remain safe at all times. For this reason pupils are not permitted to bring caffeinated or high-energy carbonated drinks into school. Pupils are not permitted to leave the premises during the school day. Cycling to school is encouraged. We provide two large cycle stores which are locked during the school day. Pupils should secure their bicycles to the stands provided, wear helmets and have appropriate lighting. Cycling is not permitted on the school site.

Matters Causing Concern

Matters causing concern can usually be resolved by telephone calls or letters to the appropriate members of staff. Unresolved matters should be referred to the Headteacher. It is then open to parents to contact the Chair of Governors so that a matter not otherwise resolved may be considered by the Chair and, if necessary, by the Governing Body.

Parental Access to a Child’s School Records

Portsmouth City school records on pupils are confidential to teachers and to the children’s parents or guardians. They are important in enabling teachers to communicate with each other and with parents in a helpful and constructive way about how well a child is progressing. Parents may, within the arrangements made by a school, ask to read their child’s file, but it is usually more helpful if progress is discussed in a general way with his or her teacher(s), when fuller explanations can be given than it is possible to record on official records.

During discussions with members of staff a child’s file can be made available to parents, provided that while making the appointment this is specifically requested.

Access to Documents and Information

With advance notice, documents describing the curriculum of the school, examination work, Government statutory instruments, circulars, administrative memoranda, official procedures and Governors’ policies may be examined at the school.

 Governing Body

The Chair of the Priory Governing Body is Mr Julian Wright, who can be contacted through the school. A full list of Governors is available here.