Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance at school has a well established link to good progress and achievement. It is essential that your child is in school and learning as much as possible. To support this, the target attendance for all pupils is a minimum of 96%. A child absent for one week in the year would equal an attendance statistic of 96%.


Parents are often surprised to find their children have arrived late to school. This can be for a variety of relatively innocent reasons e.g. calling for other friends, going to the sweet shop (spending money intended for lunch!). Most of our pupils are prompt and punctual, but there are others who find punctuality a real challenge.

This will have a direct effect on your son’s/daughter’s attendance percentage. Low attendance could mean a referral to the Attendance Monitoring Service (AMS). Poor attendance could provide grounds for prosecution and/or a Fixed Penalty Notice to be issued, currently £100.

Holiday Requests During Term Time

We do not authorise any holidays taken in term time and we would urge parents to avoid this practice. We do recognise the financial incentives, but the disruption experienced by the student can be very significant. This absence will in most cases lead to a Fixed Penalty Fine Notice, currently £100 per parent.

We are asking you to be alert and support your child in attending school on time and throughout the term.

Leave of Absence From School Form 

Pupil Attendance Policy

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