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Priory Catering Department is operated by our in house Catering Team.

Please see below some information on the services we provide.

Free School Meals Allowance

The Free School Meals allowance is currently set at £2.00 for this academic year. The purpose of this allowance is to provide those that are entitled, to a balanced meal and therefore pupils must select a choice which is balanced.  Drinks only, or drinks and a sweet item will not be classed as an acceptable choice and pupils will be asked to make an alternative selection.  Please feel free to contact the Catering Manager if you have any queries.



Breakfast club is now running. We offer a variety of cereals to pupils who wish to eat breakfast with us. This is run by staff, not the catering team.

Lunch Time Service

We offer an excellent choice of hot and cold food for all pupils and staff.

The school day consists of two breaks; first break is served between 10.15am and 10.40am. Second break is between 12.30pm and 13.25pm. Years 7, 9 and 11 are served food between 12:30pm and 12:55pm, years 8 and 10 are served food between 1.00pm and 1:25pm.

All years, however are able to purchase drinks at each of the breaks.

Sports Cafe

We have a baguette bar facility which runs similar to other outside establishments. A pupil can have a baguette made to order with a choice of roll, filling and salad. This facility is extremely popular with all pupils. The baguette bar facility is located in the Sports café.

Pupils are able to pre-order and pay for baguettes, at breakfast time for lunchtime which enables them to fast track to the front of a very busy queue!

Main Dining Hall

In the main dining area we provide hot meals as well as sandwiches, wraps, cold items and cakes. We run a four weekly menu.

Kitchen copy 2015-2016

We try to incorporate all hot meals into a meal deal which provides a choice of a hot dish, a drink a piece of fruit or a cookie, which ensures we provide a balanced choice within the nutritional standards set by the government. These prices are always within the school meal allowance, allowing every child a balanced two course meal.

Your views

The catering team are always interested in feedback. If there is something we can introduce (e.g. menu choices) provided it falls within the nutritional standards then we will try and incorporate your suggestions.

Please feel free to pass on any information/suggestions to the catering department.

Tracy Barker (Catering Manager)

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