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23 January 2014 – Bohunt Presentation to Priory Staff and Parents Bohunt Presentation to Priory Staff Parents 23 Jan 14 The consultation period has been extended to 10.00am on Monday 27 January. Please click here to register your view.

16 January 2014 Dear Parents/Carers As promised in the earlier letter from our Chair of Governors, I am now writing to let you know about the consultation events with the leadership of the Bohunt Multi Academy Trust.  These will be held in the school hall on Thursday 23 January 2014 and there will be two sessions: 4.30pm and 6pm. What is being proposed:

  • Priory School will become an Academy as part of the Bohunt Multi-Academy Trust.  This Trust has the following aims:
It is an organisation which: It is NOT an organisation which:
Recognises the individual nature of its schools Believes in there being only a single way of doing things
Realises that aspirations must be as high as achievement Seeks to impose
Looks to coach staff so that the success of its individual schools is sustainable and not reliant on others Believes you can just duplicate what is working in one place and implement it in another
Is committed to deep and enduring partnership predicated upon the development of  ‘trust’ underpinned by close working to enable outstanding success (academic and financial) Believes a student’s background determines outcomes and life-chances
Ensures there is the leadership capacity required to deliver accountability at all levels Sees school improvement as a short-term fix
Gives every child the success needed to go on to Further Education
Would provide a greater wealth of development opportunities than if its members were individual schools

There is no proposal to change the uniform, times of school, admissions etc.

  • Priory School will retain its Governing Body and the leadership of the school will have significant autonomy.
  • The Bohunt Trust will provide support and challenge to ensure Priory becomes Ofsted Good within two years and Outstanding thereafter.

Consultation: Following parental workshops in the Autumn term you were sent information about the proposal in the Chair of Governors’ letter in early January.  We are now inviting you to a meeting at the school to ensure your views are heard.  You can also register your view by clicking  here or by emailing the school at or in writing to the school. Consultation closes at noon on Friday 24 January.  Governors will then consider your views on Monday 27 January and make a decision at that point. I shall be grateful if you will let the school know by telephone, email or in writing if you plan to attend one of the consultation meetings on Thursday 23 January and if you will be attending the session at 4.30pm or 6pm. I look forward to seeing you there. James Humphries – Headteacher

Partnership with Bohunt School

January 2014

Last month we held a series of workshops with parents to consider some ideas the Governing Body have about the future of Priory School.  As a result of that feedback and the ideas you have contributed towards our discussions, we are now in a position to move forward with a plan involving a partnership with Bohunt School in Liphook, Hampshire.  Bohunt is an outstanding school that can potentially support us as we continue to improve and become outstanding ourselves. The plan is that we would become a partner with Bohunt School as an Academy under their Academy Trust. The plan at the moment is under discussion, both here at Priory and at Bohunt.  No decision has yet been taken and both schools are still in a position to shape the partnership we might form, or to say ‘no’ to it.  The Governing Body, having listened to parents, has set out a series of requirements which any potential partner should be aiming to address before any agreement is reached. We would welcome your views before a final agreement is made, towards the end of January 2014. Once we have reached an agreement with the Bohunt Trust, we will continue to work with you to help shape the future of the partnership. These are the opportunities you have to find out more and to tell us if you agree with the proposal for Priory School to become an Academy as part of the Bohunt Academy Trust: • Please read the Priory School Partnership Requirements Information • Click on here to register your view • Attend the ‘Meet Bohunt’ event on 23 January 2014 at Priory to meet members of the Trust and chat about the plan (details of specific timings will be sent out later) • Write to Priory or email The consultation will close at noon on Friday 24 January when Governors will meet to consider your views. Click on graphic below to view the presentation given to parents last month. Capture