Priory students get to grips with the EU Question

“Should we stay or should we go?” was among the crucial questions raised by Priory School students when Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond visited for a special EU Referendum Q&A session.

Over 40 students from ages 11 to 16 had asked to join the session, and spent an hour grilling Mrs Drummond MP over a range of issues concerning the upcoming vote.

Some of the topics covered included the possible impact of remaining and leaving on immigration, employment, education, terrorism, the future of Portsmouth, deforestation and even Boris Johnson!

Senior Assistant Headteacher Gary Green said: “The range and depth of some of the questions from pupils was absolutely astounding. Many had really done their research and came with prepared questions.”

“There was a lot of different opinions in the room,” said Year 8 student Wikitoria Lasocka, “Mrs Drummond MP did a really good job of answering all the points really carefully, fairly and clearly”.

Another student, Scarlett Thomas added: “She put forward a good case for remaining but I was also really impressed with how she put both sides of the argument across, which allowed us to make up our own minds.”

Mrs Drummond MP was clearly impressed by the rigour of the students’ arguments. She told the group: “Priory students always ask the best questions, that’s why I always enjoy coming here. I urge you all to keep it up!”

Speaking about the event, Headteacher Stewart Vaughan commented “This is another example of the excellent opportunities we strive to provide our students at Priory School. Preparing students to be active and engaged citizens is a key part of our vision”.


From left: Wikitoria Lasocka, Faras Seibou, Flick Drummond MP, Byron Homer, Scarlett Thomas.


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