Year 10 June PPE Exams Important Information

Dear Parent/Carer. 
Over the next few weeks, Year 10 will be completing Pre-Public Examinations in English, Maths, Science and some Humanities subjects. Exams will be conducted under GCSE style exam conditions, and all pupils will need writing equipment.
Revision Support: During tutor time this week and next, we will be endeavouring to support your child with revision, by introducing them to a sample revision plan with key dates (see attached), alongside effective use of ‘Flash Cards’ and other useful revision methods. These sessions will complement the Parents’ Information and Advice Evening held last half term.
Please do speak to your child about these tutor sessions over the coming weeks. 
Any feedback, concerns or queries, please email:


English, Maths and Art Year 10 PPE Exams

Art – Year 10 PPE letter June 2016

English – Year 10 PPE letter May 2016

Maths – Year 10 PPE letter May 2016

*Please note that the Maths PPE exam is in the AFTERNOON on Friday 10th June, not the morning as it states on the letter.

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