Year 9 does ‘The Apprentice’

At one time or another we have all seen clips of the TV program ‘The Apprentice’. An ICT class from Year 9 took part in a series of lessons simulating the entrepreneurial process to see who would be hired or fired.  Mr Farrar from IBM and Ms Coughlan from Portsmouth City Council along with Mrs Buckley and Miss Chadwick became the ‘Karens and Nicks’ of the process and ultimately deciding on the hiring and firing of the groups.


The brief was to design a keep-fit video for young children. They had to come up with a company name, logo, product and marketing strategy. This was presented to the panel of judges in their ‘companies’ at the end of the four week planning process.  Some excellent ideas came forward from the pupils, with names including Fairy-tale Fitness, Pirate Pilates Party, Get Active, Turtle Fitness and Davina’s Belly Blitz.

The overall winners were Blackbeard Productions with their Pirate Pilates Party; judges commended them on the variety of media produced, the level of detail and excellent characters.

Well done BlackBeard Productions!


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