Year 10 Enterprise Day

Part of the Post 16 process will involve an interview with someone at the college/provider that they apply to. In previous years Priory has run a mock interview day for Year 10 pupils, in preparation for this. This year, following a review of the day by staff and pupils, we have decided to try something different.

The first of these took place on Wednesday 27th April at Portsmouth University’s Innovation Space.

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The pupils took part in a half day enterprise session with Nathan Kahaler and James Feng – Company Directors of Cowin Europe. This will be in line with the Prime Minister’s initiative on linking schools to business to improve employability skills. Cowin kindly lent our pupils their Cowin Ark speakers for the session, asking pupils to come up with a innovative social media campaign to sell them. Pupils worked with their tutors, Becky Lodge – Little Kanga (Business Founder and Enterprise Day Lead), Andy Mew – Innovation Space – University of Portsmouth (Operations Manager), Steve Pattle – Partnership Manager – National Careers Service (Inspiration Agenda) and Amy Powney – Boots – Assistant Manager (Portsmouth) in small teams, ending with a presentation to the rest of the group. During the sessions pupils were encouraged to use skills expected in the work place – team working, listening, planning, presenting etc.

Amy Powney also gave a workshop on how to dress appropriately and using their current experiences as examples of their positive attributes. Amy used to be a pupil at Priory and has blazed a trail working for Boots and is now the Assistant Manager in Portsmouth.

Huge thank you to all those involved in making the day a success, the pupils were buzzing for the rest of the week. Pupil feedback on the day was hugely positive with one commenting ‘today has taught me never to give up’.

For the LinkdedIn report please see our Facebook page where the link is shared. Thank you to Steve Phyall at Zooming Photography for taking the photos on the day.




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