The subject of homework has been a contentious issue as long as I have been in education and it was a contentious issue before I started school as well.

Educational research is increasingly providing us with a clear evidence of what works and what does not. For decades now teachers, pupils and parents have struggled with the best ways to support a child’s approach to independent learning. As a teacher I know from experience that ensuring that we stick to a pre-defined timetable, set work that is supportive of all pupils, collect, mark and follow up non completion is hugely time consuming. Often work is set that tries to be challenging and enriching, but fails. Pupils forget what is required of them and struggle to complete quality work without support  I have seen the very best teachers in each of my schools shoe horn in generic homework, merely to meet a policy document, rather than because they were confident that they were improving learning.

And yet, finding a way to make homework useful and relevant is important. Our challenge is to provide clarity and simplicity for teachers, pupils and parents so that all parties believe that homework is worthwhile, does not create conflict or confusion at home and supports learning.

With this in mind an outline of our draft proposals for homework can be found in the letter you received at the end of last week. If you did not receive this letter a copy can be found attached HERE.

We will welcome all thoughts and responses on this important subject. Please send your responses to priory@priorysouthsea.org by Friday 13 May, titled HOMEWORK.  Alternatively, you may prefer to send your response to the school by letter, marked for my attention.


Stewart Vaughan


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