Year 10 Careers Provision

As Year 10 approach the end of the year, our thoughts are starting to look to September and Post 16 options. Pupils have already taken part in our annual careers fair, and now begins their exciting journey.

Enterprise Days

Part of the Post 16 process will involve an interview with someone at the college/provider that they apply to. In previous years Priory has run a mock interview day for Year 10 pupils, in preparation for this. This year, following a review of the day by staff and pupils, we have decided to try something different.

The first of these will be Wednesday 27th April.

The pupils will take part in a half day enterprise session with some local, successful business people. This will be in line with the Prime Minister’s initiative on linking schools to business to improve employability skills. There will be workshops for the pupils on group interviews, how to dress appropriately and using their current experiences as examples of their positive attributes. Alongside this the pupils will partake in an enterprise based activity leading to a group presentation with constructive feedback from business people – with Prizes donated by Boots on Commercial Road. We hope by making the sessions interactive and similar to the reality of a job interview, that our pupils will increase their employability skills and sell themselves more effectively to the local post 16 providers.

College Taster Days

You should have received a letter regarding the taster days later in the summer term. A copy of this letter can be found HERE.

During tutor time, over the coming weeks, each college will be looked at and discussed – types of courses they offer, extra-curricular activities available, how to get there from Fratton/Southsea, financial support they may offer. At the end of each week the pupils will get chance to apply to go to a taster day at 2 of the 5 main colleges. They will get chance to experience what a day would be like there, as well as their chosen subject(s).

I strongly encourage you to discuss the different colleges with your child during this period and look at which college offers the right courses for your child. If you want more information on the colleges themselves OR any other Post 16 providers/apprenticeships, please look at our careers site – HERE.


All pupils at Priory have access to a careers service called Kudos. This website allows pupils to explore in more detail their interests and talents, as well as possible careers. The pupils can answer a series of questions and it will suggest ideas to them. The site has a database of information on careers out there, and guides on how to construct CVs etc.

Each pupil has an individual login, which have been emailed to their form tutors. If there are any issues with logging in, then do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to solve the problem.

The website login can be found HERE.


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