The Dance Show 2016

The Dance Show 2016, what an amazing experience. Memories were made that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Through hard work and dedication all the dancers performed to their hearts content.  The show was phenomenal.

Audition Day.  On audition day nervous pupils from all years and abilities throughout the school, buzzed into the upper gym and stood in lines so they could be taught the audition dance. Once they had learnt the dance they had one night to practise it to perform the dance in front of the teachers who were going to decide what dance you would be in. When the next day came all of the auditionees sped up to the list of dances. Everyone was thrilled with their dances and it was time for  Rehearsals.

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Rehearsals. 16 weeks of hard work and dedication, the girls produced an incredible show that was a crowd pleasing representation of Priory Dance. Each dance had at least two student choreographers who have choreographed marvellous dances. All the practice paid off. Technique, energy and effort were put into the rehearsals and even more in the final performance. Enjoy the show!

Showtime. After all of the hard work, finally show time was here. We all had our make-up done which looked fabulous. Next we put on our costumes then the reality of the show really kicked in. The performers were buzzing with excitement which calmed the nerves. Everyone ran through their dances and chatted madly. When 4.30pm came the first show begun and it looked amazing could the next one match the standard.

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Overall, the show was one the best experiences they had in their school lifetime. Hair, makeup and costumes have been taken off and stored unwillingly for next year’s dance Show Extravaganza. Here is to Dance Show 2017. Thank you to all the teachers and pupils who participated in the show. Dance Show 2016 has been incredible. Thanks for reading!

Written by Lola, Daisy, Rhiannon and Alyssa Yr 7

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