Y11 Revision – ‘What You Need To Know’ booklet

Here is an incredibly useful ‘What You Need to Know’ booklet that contains all of the topic areas for each of the Y11 GCSE subjects.  This information comes directly from the examination board subject specifications and the exams are not allowed to ask the pupils questions about topics that do not appear in this guide.


This guide can be used to aid revision and help with the creation of self-quizzing record cards. To do this pupils write the topic on one side of a record card and then add more detailed notes to the other side.  Once the cards are completed they can arrange them with the topic title showing and then self-quiz by trying to recall the information on the back of the card.  This form of revision has been demonstrated to be especially effective at moving information into long term memory, a key requirement for GCSE success.

 Y11 pupils should now be doing 1 to 2 hours of revision per night, in addition to the subject workshops that also run every day after school.  The final set of Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs) take place at the start of March.  These are an excellent opportunity for the pupils to build confidence and practice their exam skills.  There will be a formal PPE results morning in the week before the Easter break.

 Parental help with revision will make a significant difference and you can help in a number of ways, including using the ‘What You Need to Know’ booklet to quiz your child and discuss topics that they are finding more challenging.  Our website has a helpful Parent’s Guide to Revision and a draft Summer 2016 Examinations Timetable (www.priorysouthsea.org/general-information/examinformation).  Finally, the redesigned BBC Bitesize website is also an excellent, free revision resource (www.bbc.co.uk/education).

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