School Uniform

As we enter the winter months the weather has changed significantly and I am conscious that parents may be considering buying coats as we approach Christmas and the January sales. Pupils will therefore need to bring a winter coat to school, this needs to be a sensible coat that is worn over the blazer and preferably waterproof. I will not insist on a specific colour, as has previously been the case.

During the school day we will ensure that indoor spaces are provided during wet break/lunchtimes however, pupils will need to move from classroom to classroom through the day sometimes going outside to do so. Once pupils have entered the classroom all outdoor coats must be removed. Please note hoodies are not permitted.

I am very proud that the vast majority of pupils follow the rules consistently. Thank you for your continued support in maintaining high expectations with uniform. A reminder of some of those expectations are listed below. We do not permit

  • Skinny style trousers
  • Skater/tube style/above the knee length skirts
  • Facial piercings or retainers
  • Ear stretchers
  • Excessive make-up/false eyelashes
  • Acrylic nails/nail varnish
  • Fashion accessories/bracelets/necklaces
  • Unnaturally coloured braiding/dyed hair

Failure to comply with reasonable expectations on uniform will result in a pupil being issued with a detention. By enforcing clear expectations we can avoid unnecessary discussions which take our focus away from learning.

Thank you again, for your continued support.



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