Celebrating GCSE Success

This morning our Y11 pupils came in to collect their results. Special congratulations to Scott Giles who managed 11A* and an A* in A Level maths. He said “Thanks to all my teachers, I’m really looking forward to continuing my studies at college.”

Overall the school sustained the improvement made last year. Congratulations to you all. Here’s this year’s top 10.

Asiyah Sadak got 4 A*, 5 As and 3 Bs.

Edwin Street left with 2 A*, 6A, 2Bs and 2 Cs alongside an A Level in creative writing.

Jude Clements got 1A*, 8As, 3Bs.

Sam Fowler achieved 1A*, 9As, 2Bs and 1C.


Sophie Pearce Hibbert earned 3A*s, 5As, 4Bs and 1C.

Georgia Roux 2A*, 4As and 4Bs and an A Level.

Isobel Seamer 1A*, 7As, 3Bs and 1 C.

Caitlin Hill-Paul 2A*, 4A, 5Bs and one A Level.

Rupali Naik 2A*, 3As and 7Bs.


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