Hot Weather

The country is experiencing high temperatures this week. Thankfully here in Southsea temperatures have not peaked at the extremes felt elsewhere in the Region. Please be assured that all staff have been given the advice issued for a Heatwave Alert and will be responding accordingly. We are very conscious of the stress hot weather places on children, especially for our Muslim pupils who are fasting all day during Ramadan.

Pupils have access to drinking water at least every 2 hours to top up water bottles. Teachers are doing all they can to minimise exertion and temperatures in classrooms. Pupils will have options in PE to help those fasting or who feel unable to fully participate, but we do expect all pupils to change for PE as usual. The forecast for tomorrow is lower than that experienced today. Friday is looking very hot and we shall make any adjustments to the running of the school needed. 

Please send your child to school as usual in normal uniform. We will issue ‘no blazer’ or ‘no ties’ instructions as appropriate during the day.

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