General Election – Priory Portsmouth South Results

The results are in for Priory School Portsmouth South. The total number of votes cast for each candidate at the election on Thursday May 7th was as follows:

Sue Castillon, Labour Party: 188 votes

Gerald Vernon – Jackson,  Liberal Democrats: 155 votes

Flick Drummond, Conservative Party: 140 votes

Steve Harris, United Kingdom Independence Party: 203 votes

Ian McCulloch, Green Party: 220 votes

Sean Hoyle, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition Party: 13 votes

Mike Hancock, Independent: 60 votes

These graphs show how the school voted yesterday compared to the ‘real’ constituency:
We’d like to thank all the candidates who gave up their time to talk to pupils and answer their questions. None of those pupils had votes in this election, so it was a significant gesture on their part. It’s helped our pupils make sense of the election, their part in it as voters and how our democracy works.

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