Election Panel Final Day: Sue Castillon, Labour

This morning we welcomed Sue Castillon on the eve of polling day. She told pupils about her vision for a future under Ed Milliband’s leadership. She explained how she thought their plan to cut less drastically and invest in public services would lead to a fairer Britain. Her priorities are to raise standards in schools, improve housing, stop privatisation of the National Health Service and reduce inequality. She said that by increasing taxation on the highest earners and introducing a ‘mansion’ tax, the Labour plans would be achievable whereas other parties she felt had not explained where their funding was going to come from. She said that one plan receiving little publicity which she thought could make a real difference to Portsmouth was to take money from Westminster and redistribute it to local government.

Answering questions, Sue explained she was in favour of compulsory PSHE in schools in order to lower the voting age to 16 and lower tuition fees. She was in favour of staying in Europe.


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