Election Panel Final Day: Ian McCulloch, Green Party

In our final meeting, the panel had the chance to question Green Party candidate Ian McCulloch on his plans. He explained that his vision was for a fairer and more equitable Britain where his party could offer an alternative to the traditional parties. He would nationalise public transport, ensure the NHS remained free and ensure that wealth was distributed more fairly, through a 1% wealth tax. He explained that he thought the current voting system was unfair to smaller parties and would support electoral reform. He said his party’s policies were affordable by closing tax loopholes and scrapping Trident. He wanted a referendum on remaining in the EU, but his view and his party’s view is that it should remain inside, but try to bring about reforms. He would scrap tuition fees and lower the voting age.


Ian was the last candidate to speak to the Pupil Election Panel, who have done a brilliant job asking really searching and probing question to each of the candidates on their policies. The school met together this morning to hear their summaries of each candidate’s policies and will vote on a ‘Portsmouth South’ ballot paper tomorrow. The results will be announced on Friday.

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