Election Panel Day 3 – UKIP

In the fifth debate, our Pupil Panel turned their attention to UKIP by questioning Steve Harris. He explained the party’s policy on leaving the EU and using the money to improve services. Under some intense questioning he defended his party’s stance, robustly defending it against allegations of racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia. He was adamant that the party’s policies were none of those things, but that the press were presenting them in such a way. He said he wanted to reintroduce Grammar Schools, but said he was against high-stakes tests which would define a pupil’s future. He assured the pupils that the party were against illegal immigration, not migration and that laws needed to change to allow movement of labour, not movement of people. He is against the lowering of the voting age and would limit the numbers of young people going to university in order to reduce the need for tuition fees.


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