Donate a Can because we Can

Supporting the local Foodbank – ‘Donate a Can because we Can’

We are once again wishing to support the local Foodbank run by The Trussel Trust through a fundraising appeal we are calling ‘Donate a Can because we Can’.

As many of you already know, the Foodbank plays a vital role in the City of Portsmouth as it helps families who need food the most and we believe this is a worthwhile cause for our pupils to become involved with.  Last year, the Foodbank helped some 7,100 people (adults and children) and they tell us this is 3,500 more than the previous year.  In the past, we have taken pupils to the premises so they can see where donations go and how the charity runs, and this has been both interesting and insightful for them.  We have been offered further visits this year and I think it is important that we take some of our new Year 7 pupils to see their good work.

This year, World Food Day is on Thursday 16 October and so assemblies that week will aim to educate our pupils about global poverty and its causes, and about family farming, the main focus of the 2014 World Food Day across the globe.  During this week, we will be asking our pupils to bring in a can of food from the list below, not in order to wear non-school uniform, or for any other privilege but simply because, for most of our pupils, they are able to, hence the title ‘A Can because we Can’.

Donations should be brought to school on the day of each year group’s assembly so that pupils can exchange their can for information about global poverty and advice about what we should all aim to do in the future.  Tutors will remind tutees the week before and we will also post reminders via the school website.

Cans requested are:  powdered milk, soup, sponge pudding, tomatoes, rice pudding, meat, fish, vegetables or fruit.

Finally, we really do appreciate that not all pupils will be able to support our appeal in this way but if everyone who ‘can’ does, we will still be able to make a significant contribution to the charity.

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