Message from the Headteacher

As we draw towards the end of another busy half term, we say good bye and good luck to all of our Year 11 pupils. They have been working incredibly hard and all the staff are very impressed with their attitude to work and the way in which they have approached this stressful time. We have had record attendance at workshops and extra sessions staff have put on after school, at weekends and during the holidays. While this is a stressful time for the pupils, I know it is also stressful for you as parents (often more so!). We do appreciate the amount of effort you go to make sure your teenager gets a good night’s sleep, studies and gets in on time. It’s nearly over and they face a glorious summer to recover from the exam series. We will miss them enormously as they have made a wonderful contribution to the life of the school over their five years with us. It is always a privilege to watch them leave not only physically, but emotionally and intellectually taller than they arrived with us. We wish them the very best in the exams and in their futures.

Academy Update

The bureaucratic work of conversion is well underway. The Bohunt Multi-Academy Trust has been hard at work gathering all the information needed to ensure the conversion takes place by 1 August 2014 as planned. This is a large project and has to be done right in order to ensure the transfer of property and employee’s rights is absolutely accurate.

In late June/early July we will be following up our Parental Workshops, inviting you in to discuss our emerging vision for the Trust, based on the work you did with us earlier in the year. We will also be asking for your opinions on a new branding image for the school.

In the meantime, there are two things to set straight: there is no change to uniform and the school’s name remains Priory School.

James Humphries

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