‘How do I support my child to exam success?’

For Parents and Carers of Year 11 pupils

We are holding a special ‘How do I support my child to exam success?’ session on Monday 10 March 2014 from 6pm – 7pm in the main hall here at Priory.

Year 11 pupils have 9 weeks of school remaining before the exams begin and regular lessons are suspended.  They should be completing a significant amount of home study and revision already.  We want to support you in helping your child during these critical final weeks.

The session will focus on English and maths predominantly due to the huge importance of these subjects for your child’s life chances.  The government has recently made changes to post-16 education that mean if a child does not achieve a C grade or higher in these subjects at GCSE, it will be compulsory for them to keep retaking them at college or with their training provider.

During our session there will be practical and concrete suggestions for how to help your child maximise their revision in these subjects.  After some presentations there will be the opportunity to speak to English and maths teachers individually and pick up resources specific to both subjects.

More exams information and guidance on revision is available on our website at www.priory-school.org/general-information/examinformation/

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