Christmas Concert

Mr Richard Goss was the special guest at Priory’s annual Christmas concert. Having recently donated his treasured drum kit to the Music Department, local musician Mr Goss was delighted to hear its debut for the school in Priory Band’s performances of Harry Potter Highlights and Merry Christmas Everybody. We were pleased to share our department plans to set up an authentic 1960s recording experience for students, using the vintage tones available on this 1964 Hollywood Meazzi President kit and recording to analogue reel to reel tape. Mr Goss was impressed with Priory drummers, Ruby Parent and Cairo-Lavelle Gillan as well as the quality and breadth of music presented during the evening by all of the Priory students. Mr Goss drew the tickets for the PTA Christmas Raffle.

We look forward to welcoming him again to the school to see how our project progresses.

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