Year 9 pupils experience Engineering at STEM event

“Women can do it too!”, Jean Evans

“I thought it was going to be boring at first but it turned out to be really fun”, Chyna Hodgson

“I am interested in Biomedical Engineering”, Yamin Ahmed

Last Friday 50 pupils from Year 9 took part on a STEM event hosted by the Smallpeice Trust and sponsored by Southern Water. Thea Wilson from the Smallpeice Trust introduced the day by showing pupils the huge variety of career options available in Engineering. Pupils then took part in a challenge where they designed and built a crane that could lift and carry ping pong balls and marshmallows using limited resources. Our talented Priory pupils created designs involving air pressure and levers in unique and effective ways.

The purpose of the day was to give pupils an idea of what engineering is all about. While some pupils learnt that this may not be their chosen career path, many were enthralled by the possibilities and challenges that Engineering can offer them. Pupils commented that it was a challenging, exciting and fun day.

I would like to thank Ms Elkins, Mrs Chapman, Ms Coghlan for helping to run the day and Thea Wilson for providing exciting challenges to engage and enthuse our pupils.

Mr McLeanstem

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