Shaping our Future Together

Thank you to all the parents who came in yesterday to talk to us about the direction the school might take. We have gathered together your ideas, comments and questions and will consider them at the Full Governing Body on Monday 9 December. It is clear that you have confidence in the way the school is moving and your questions and concerns match ours. We hope to see you all again soon to discuss some other issues affecting your children’s schooling.

There was discussion on a variety of topics, ranging from opinions on the nature of the DfE’s role in shaping education to the improved nature of Priory school over the past few years.  Specific challenges concerning the Academy Trust options were:

  • How would the other school remain Outstanding?  What accountability do we have to keep them there? If they are no longer Outstanding, what happens?
  • What can they deliver in actual services?  What will these look like?
  • There needs to be an agreement about how the Trust money is spent
  • We need to define how they will impact on our/their ethos and culture
  • We need to be cautious about being ‘guinea pigs’ – we should try and find examples of what we are proposing and find out more about how it has worked elsewhere
  • There are reservations from some – the government just want Academies and we should resist this unless we have to
  • We are preparing pupils for the reality of the world – current political climate can’t be altered by one school
  • We are trying to improve the status quo – and the Headteacher is brave to do this!
  • Headteacher needs to be confident with the agreement and if he is, we will stick by him
  • Make a decision and get on with it!
  • Academy chain takes 4% – would other schools we could join with take that?
  • Looking for enrichment opportunities
  • Need agreement that the Trust are not going to take on other schools for an agreed period of time
  • Ring-fence money that comes into the Trust
  • Is this the ideal partner school?
  • Lack of support that one school can give us?
  • Who would the governing body be made of?
  • Keeping curriculum balanced is important
  • Mindset important, don’t want to be an exams factory
  • What is our timescale?
  • How do the staff feel about this?
  • Can staff be shared?  Where does the resource go?
  • Do they have the resources to help us?
  • Anti big chain, better to go with a choice, not someone making a lot of money
  • How much joint pupil working would there be?
  • Is there an exit clause?
  • Keep our individuality, keep our branding
  • No uniform change!
  • Support idea of seeking partner and establishing a relationship with accountability

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