Year 10 GCSE Art Trip to Kew Gardens

I had a really great time on the Kew Gardens trip. When we arrived after a relaxed coach journey, and were given a map to look at and given a meeting point for lunch, we were then allowed to go where we pleased and were given a lot of freedom for really most of the day. My friends and I went off on a walk around the lake first, and then continued throughout the park, taking photos and chatting and generally having a really good time. We met at lunch, and after registering we were again allowed to go where we pleased until we gathered at the end of the day, exhausted but happy.

It was an amazing trip because we were given a lot of freedom, but we got a lot done and were able to take many photos for our Natural Forms Project and also the Photography Competition. The amazing thing about Kew Gardens was the range of plants and flowers and the beautiful views that we enjoyed all day. We achieved a lot, and the coach home was full of happy teenagers and cameras full of photos. I had a really good day.

Ella Poingdestre

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