Priory School closed due to strike action

Dear Parent

Priory School will be closed to pupils on Thursday 17 October due to strike action.

The two largest teaching unions have called a strike against government policy on pay and pensions as part of a national campaign of industrial action.  Employees are not obliged to inform their employer of their intention to take strike action until the morning of the strike.  However, we are given to understand that a significant proportion of the teaching staff at Priory intend to strike.  Obviously they have arrived at this decision after careful consideration and will lose a day’s pay as a result.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in school and we are unable to do this given the number of teachers we will have in school on the day.  You will be contacted separately if your child is involved in any off site activities or extra-curricular activities on the day as to whether this is taking place and what the arrangements are.

Please note this action is not against Priory School but against changes to pay and pensions being made by the government and is part of a national campaign of industrial action.


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