Tuesday 23 July will be a non-uniform day

Tuesday 23 July will be a non-uniform day in aid of the Portsmouth Multiple Sclerosis Society

As many of our pupils are already aware, Lauren Kew, a Year 11 pupil in Priory School, is having her head shaved in order to raise money for the Portsmouth Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This is happening in a local barber’s shop on Monday 22 July and Lauren will come into school on Tuesday morning to show everyone her new ‘hairstyle’.

This fundraising effort has a very sad side, as Lauren lost her Dad to Multiple Sclerosis when she was in Year 8.  The MS centre helped her and her family through so much, she vowed then that she would do something when she was older to raise funds for them, hence her brave decision to shave off all of her hair.  Since Lauren left school in May, we have continued to publicise this event so your child should be able to tell you much more about Lauren and the Portsmouth MS Centre!  Lauren has a fundraising goal to achieve and we have made a decision to support her as she still has some way to go to make the amount she hopes for.

We are therefore asking all pupils to bring a donation of £1 to give to Lauren on Tuesday morning.  In return, they may wear sensible non-school uniform items which must be suitable for a mixed age, mixed sex environment.  Please note that if pupils wear shorts, the length must be respectable, and tops / t-shirts must not be see-through and must cover tummy flesh.  Any pupil who arrives in school with inappropriate clothing choices will be asked to change into school uniform which I am holding in my office.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause on our final day of term.  We wish you all a very good summer.

Ms Hart

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