Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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In June some of the students from Priory school were invited to Portsmouth dockyard for the day. We met outside the dockyard, Priory Students and those from two other schools.

We were taken to H.M.S. Victory Museum, to watch a presentation on maths that would be able to help you when you leave school. We learnt about probability, we thought this was great fun.

We got into groups and did activities; we had to use an iPod and followed the instructions; someone was taking a video of us.

We then toured the H.M.S. Victory Museum, which I thought was very interesting, and went on to see Trafalgar experience. This was amazing, the boys laughed because there were dead bodies, blood and cannons which made the girls scream. After lunch we had to control a Robot made from Lego, to control it, the robot had to stay within the yellow lines, our groups robot went over the lines! The lady that showed us around for the day told us that she had been a student at Priory.

It was truly a great day.

Report by Jordan Grattan, Year 8

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