Heatwave Alert: Information about changes to school routines

The Met Office have issued a Level 3 Heatwave Alert. The Public Health Heatwave Plan states that following a Level 3 Alert, Level 3 actions should be implemented and continued until temperatures cool to Level 1. The forecast suggests that this is unlikely to happen over the next week.

Over the next week, staff at Priory School have been told to make the following adaptations to ensure pupils are safe and well during the hot spell.

Advice note to staff:
Pupils who are not fasting for Ramadan must be encouraged to drink during the day. Be aware that pupils who are fasting may feel weak and allowance should be made by adjusting activities, moving seats, sending to nurse if you are worried about them.

• Pupils do not need to wear ties after first break
• Blazers need not be worn
• Staff may remove ties and wear loose clothing
• PE kit must be brought as usual and worn for PE activities
Physical exercise

• Pupils will be given a choice of PE activities and venues (including gentle activity inside)
• If pupils are feeling weak or sick, their teacher will adjust the activity/allow them time out/send them to the nurse as appropriate

• Electrical equipment, when not in use, should be switched off
• Windows and doors should be kept open
• Curtains/blinds should be drawn
• Where possible, move to a cooler room or a shaded outside area

Fans can cause dehydration. They must be used thoughtfully. Place fans at a distance from people. Do not aim fans directly on the body.

Immediate action if someone is unwell
• Call for help if someone feels dizzy, weak, anxious or has intense thirst or headache
• Provide a drink
• Alert a first aider/nurse

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