Priory School Wi-Fi


During the Summer holidays Priory School will be implementing campus-wide Wi-Fi access for staff, pupils and guests. Pupils will be able to access the internet from their own devices in a secure, filtered environment.

Visitors to the school, including those using the sports facilities will also be able to connect using a guest connection whilst on the school site.Priory School has been at the forefront of introducing a bring-your-own-device policy and encourages pupils to use their phones and other mobile devices in lessons and around the school site. The improvements in Wi-Fi will allow greater access to the internet, opening up paths to more creative teaching and learning.

School rules and our Acceptable Usage policy will still apply when using this network which will be explained to pupils in September during their IT lessons.

We welcome comments and suggestions on how to continue to improve the network and IT at Priory School. Please direct these to Mr McGlone-Atkinson through his email address:


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