Business and Leisure Trip to Thope Park

Priory pupils went on a Business and Communication Systems (BaCS) and Leisure and Tourism (L&T) trip to Thorpe Park to investigate marketing. Students looked at marketing objectives, market research, 4Ps, SWOT analysis, targets, markets and promotional methods carried out by Thorpe Park.

Here are some comments made by pupils who went on the trip:

It was the best school trip I’ve been on so far at Priory School.

The trip to Thorpe Park was a very fun day. The presentation we were given was helpful in regards to our homework and class work. The rides were also enjoyable.

It was a great day out because everyone was so friendly towards each other. All classes got along well. The workshop was fun but also jam packed with useful information towards our course. It was totally an enjoyable and educational day.

It was a good marketing workshop, lovely weather, and we learnt a lot about the park.

It was fun, I learnt a lot and I really enjoyed myself.

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